Welcome in Journalism.Pk

You have decided to study Journalism {whether it is Journalism, Mass-Comm or
Media}. You or your parents are expending on it.  Your university can give
you education but this education will be only a theory or written matter of some
senior Journalism related person. In Alama Iqbal Open university mostly
literature is achieved  from  senior scholars. But there is not any
way in your course which can give you an practical experience of your course /

We are from a third world country where our young generation want to achieve
heights but they don’t have such resources to survive. Our system wants updating
our rule of law requires a team of Journalists who can create a big pressure to
the legal authorities to enforce the law. Each and every thing is upset and
requiring a  media pressure to force tem to work.

If a student want to work as a perfect professional then it is must that he
may be require practical work during his studies. I (me founder of this
Journalism project) thought a lot and discussed with top professional colleagues
and finally I am here with this project.

Me and my team members plus our online network ( created for this project )
plus our network in Print media is ready to assist you. But I know that it will
be not sufficient for the requirements of this project. So I have decided to
start a new news agency to assist out student.

So we will assist you to promote your writings and news items sent by you to

  1. publish Online
  2. print in print media
  3. to spread through our news agency

during this tenure we will provide you:

  • Our Membership
  • A Legal Authorised Press card
  • Online coverage
  • Print media coverage
  • News Spreading coverage through News Agency

During your studies our media will  come forward in a position which
will be acceptable for your university to accept your work as your internship.

After completion of your course with your University we will award you with
your experience certificate.

Selected degree holders will be offered with a good job opportunity from our
media group.

Further More

We will be glad to know that what are your more requirements so we may try to
resolve your further issues.